ATF's official position is, of course, that David Koresh and the Davidians were a bunch of reclusive, paranoid cop-killers who would not approached by law enforcement save with overwhelming force and, when so approached, deliberately planned an ambush and mass murder.

ATF had stationed several undercover agents, including Robert Rodriguez, across the road from the Davidian residence, in what became known as the "undercover house." The Davidians did not take long to figure out these were undercover agents. When David Koresh called 911 in the middle of the February 28 gunfight, at a point when he had no source of knowledge save what he'de known before the raid, he casually told the Sheriff's dispatcher that he had invited "Robert, you know, the guy you--your agent" to talk with him. (Click here for the audio).

Fact: Koresh was understating the matter. On February 19, nine days before the bloody raid, the ATF agents went over and asked David Koresh to go shooting. He agreed. In fact, he provided the ammunition. And the agents handed him their guns. Don't take my word for it. Here's the agents' report.

Now, I don't want to be cynical. I'm sure there is some reason why undercover agents investigating a fellow they think is a murderous fanatic would go to his house, invite him to go shooting, and hand him their guns. And there must be a reason why, if he really was a cop-killer, he would shoot their guns, hand them back and wave good-bye. Not to mention pay for their ammunition, knowing they were police. I just can't think of these reasons at the moment.